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Improve Resonance, Timbre, Pitch, Focus and Attack

“JP” handmade metal tapered pipes (long and short)
Combination of material, workmanship and bore improves the sound

Choice of metal- Yellow Brass, Nickel, Red Brass
Plating- available on request at extra cost

New and re-sized octave vents
Improves resonance, timbre, pitch and attack

New “front” vent and key operated by the left 1st Finger
New “middle” vent and key operated by the left thumb
Top and Lower vent re-sized
Vent on the tuning slide sealed
Low E key is uncoupled from the lower vent key

Total Upgrade- Replace long and short tapered pipes. New, redesigned vents
and keys adapted to the instrument.  $6500*

Pipes Only- Replace long and short tapered pipes. Adapt existing keywork to pipe.  $3500*
(As heard on Contradiction, Capstone Records)

Vents Only- New, redesigned vents and keys adapted to the instrument.  $3500*
*(prices subject to change without notice)

Upgrade done by Tom Yaeh in Los Angeles, CA

By appointment only

Allen Savedoff  P.O. Box 1123, Sunland, CA 91041-1123


    Contact us to make an appointment.

    Please inform us of: make and serial number of the instrument; any condition that may complicate replacing the pipes on your instrument; how the instrument will get to us and how it should be returned.

    $1000 deposit due 14 days before the appointment. This deposit is refundable only if we are unable to adapt our product to your instrument. If deposit is not received by due date, the appointment will be canceled.

    Contrabassoon should arrive at RDG, Inc., 589 North Larchmont, 2nd Floor, LA, CA 90004, one business day before your appointment. Late arrival of instrument may cause cancellation or rescheduling of appointment.

    We will adapt our product to your instrument, including: fitting and sealing pipes and tuning slide; adjusting key positions and action (on pipes only); new pads for vents on the pipes (including spit valve, if needed) and fitting 2 bocals to the new receiver.

    Repair work will be limited to fitting our product to the instrument from bocal receiver to the junction of the short pipe into the wood (including drilling and lining up the half hole). If any condition exists that would complicate or necessitate an increased fee, we will notify you before the work is done. No other repair work will be done unless arranged in advance.

    Estimated time for Total Upgrade is 6 weeks, for Vents Only is 3 weeks and for Pipes Only is 3 weeks. Instrument will be returned, as instructed, when balance of the fee has been paid. Check or money order only.

    We warranty our workmanship and parts for one year. Normal wear and tear and/or abuse is excluded.

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